A turnaround.

Well, much to my surprise and delight, I found three positive messages in my inbox last week. One, from a client of mine offering me two small assignments and, believe it or not, two e-mails from job posters I’d sent my resume and e-mails to. Those I couldn’t believe. The first was from someone affiliated with a company I did work for earlier this year (didn’t pay well, but it was interesting), and the other was from an hr person who had sent me a test. (I so hope I get that position. The work is quarterly, I’d work one out of every three months, but it would be steady work and it pays pretty well. I returned the test on Friday afternoon, however, and it is now Monday afternoon, with no word on how well I did or whether I’m getting the assignment. And in this job market, that’s not a good sign.

But I refuse to get down until it is warranted, because I have been given a couple more reasons to keep hoping.

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