T minus 51, and counting

My husband has just 51 days until he is out the door at the firm where he works, a job loss due to no better reason than there not being enough work at his firm for his boss to afford to keep both attorneys he has on the payroll. In other words, it’s the economy, stupid. Nearly two weeks have passed since the initial bad news and, although my husband has applied to four or five jobs and sent out e-mails to just about everyone he knows, asking them to be on the alert, nothing substantial has yet to turn up. Not even a bloody call-back.

Am I nervous? Does it snow in Alaska? You betcha. And I’m becoming more nervous as each day creeps into the next. To have just 51 days to find a job is bad enough during most times of the year. Add the holidays to that mix and the level of dread is multiplied many times over. Not only is extra money a necessity in November and December, but the impetus for HR people and firm heads to put the glass of eggnog down, remove the lampshade from the head, and come into the office to review resumes and interview people is, I’d guess, not a top priority. 

So, the wait continues.

In the meantime, I’m doing everything I can to earn us some extra cash. I’m taking on extra work this weekend and accepting everything else that comes my way. And I’m still scouring the job boards–for both me and my husband.

I’m scrimping and saving every penny possible, as well. The birthday of one of my daughters is this coming week, throwing a monkeywrench into the scrimping and saving plan. To my relief she has asked for a bare minimum of gifts, and I’ve purchased the three small items gladly, but nothing more. Our tradition of taking the birthday kid out to dinner also may be altered, if not completely pushed aside. I will see if there is a coupon or a gift certificate I can use at the chosen restaurant. Fortunately, her tastes sway more toward chicken masala and curry than steak and lobster. But just the thought of not being able to afford to take the family out on a special occasion is disconcerting.

I am praying for a positive resolution to all this, which I know will eventually come. It’s just a matter of time. Unfortunately, time is finite, but our savings are not.

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