the austerity program day seven–independence day

Today is the Fourth of July, but the weather is uncharacteristically gloomy and so is my mood. Already a week has passed since the bad news and nothing has yet come through for my husband.

Yesterday was our son’s thirteenth birthday. His Little League team pulled off an amazing win against one of our district’s strong horses and after the game, he, my husband, our elder daughter, and I went to a pizza place for dinner. I had received an online offer for an extra large one-topping pizza, four sodas, cinnamon bread, and a small salad for under $19, so we went there. The food took a long time to get to our table and my son wanted to join up with his team for a post-game celebration at the house of one of his friends. After eating, my husband took him over. I’ve yet to plan a real birthday celebration for him, so I’m glad he had some fun, but I also wonder if I will be able to throw him a party right now with our lack of funds. He doesn’t yet know about our circumstances.

Fortunately, my sister invited us over to my mom’s for a meal today, so I didn’t have to make another trip to the grocery store for food. I was happy to accept the invitation.

It’s about time to go. I will say a prayer for the resources we have–family, friends, and some money in the bank–and will pray for  financial independence.

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