Welcome to my blog. I am a professional writer, editor, and proofreader. I have four children, am married, live on the Left Coast, and aspire to one day do nothing more fascinating than retire and take it easy. I’ve been doing the parenting thing for nearly thirty years and I still have a child in public school, so there’s been a pretty good span of time between my children, meaning long stretches of time devoted to potty training and driver training, and going to ballgames, meets, teacher’s conferences, and the pediatrician’s office.

Favorite activities include hiking, reading, walking the dog, and traveling, although I don’t do nearly enough of that last one–but it’s another aspiration of mine. Favorite TV shows: just about anything on HGTV, shows featuring reality TV families (no, not the Kardashians, real people), and once in a while I’ll get hooked on an hour-long series, the last one being Parenthood, whose passing I’m still lamenting. I love going to the movies but, as with travel, I don’t get out to indulge this hobby nearly enough. I’m a big believer in family, friends, and frugality. Favorite movies range from Sleepless in Seattle to While You Were Sleeping to Finding Neverland to Silver Linings Playbook. I am a do-it-yourselfer of projects that are doable. And I love to read other people’s stories of home-improvement projects, decorating, and life with kids.

Again, welcome to this blog and I hope you return time and again.

One thought on “About

  1. I just stumbled onto your blog, through one of those links at the bottom of one of my posts. Is this a real blog? Is there really someone as American as you? If so, I love everything about you.

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